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The New You NOW Podcast

The New You Now podcast is where expert cosmetic surgeons get real about life-changing patient transformations. Join the Austin-Weston Cosmetic Surgery team and co-host Rebecca Bennett as they discuss everything you need to know about plastic surgery.


Meet the Hosts

Co-Host Rebecca Bennett

Rebecca Bennett


Rebecca is excited to return to Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery. She previously hosted the AWC Virtual Experience in 2020. This D.C. native is an AP award nominated TV news journalist who's doubled as an anchor from time to time. She's excited to share a mic with some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the game.

Host Dr. George Weston

Dr. George Weston


Dr. Weston is the senior partner at Austin-Weston, with over 32 years of experience exclusively performing cosmetic surgery since founding his practice in 1987. Representing the highest tier of expertise in his field, Dr. Weston is known nationally and internationally for his vast experience and innovative techniques in cosmetic surgery. He is a sought-after speaker at national plastic surgery seminars and has trained other plastic surgeons worldwide.


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